Boca Juniors to sell ‘crocodile’ shirts and jerseys for €10 million

Boca Jugo have announced plans to sell its “crocodyl” jerseys and shorts for around €10m.

The Brazilian club, owned by Brazilian businessman Jorge Sulaiman, is reportedly to sell the shirts and shorts that feature a logo that is similar to the emblem worn by the North American football team’s logo.

The club’s president has confirmed the sale to Brazilian media, while saying that the shirts are for the club’s domestic and international fans.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be selling the crocodyls shirts and the shorts to fans who support Boca,” Sulaiman told a news conference.

“It’s a big deal because it means we will not only have new fans in our club, but also fans who are going to buy their own shirts and scarves.”

The jerseys and pants feature a crocodile logo and are made from a mix of polyester and cotton.

“Our team has a history of supporting and promoting animal rights, and we believe that the crocodile has a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment,” Sulaimon added.

The new sponsorship will come as a boost to the club and will see it earn €1.3m from the sale of the shirts.

Sulaiman added that he hoped the shirt and shorts would help “give people a good image of the club”.

Sulaiman is a keen fan of football and has spent time at the top clubs in Brazil.

He also owns a company called SportBiz, which is behind the sponsorship deal with Boca.

The shirt and pants will be sold at the club, while Sulaiman will also be on the board of SportBizz.

Sulahan is a supporter of football who has also been linked with the sale.

He said that he was “very pleased” to have secured the sponsorship and added that “the sales will be very successful”.

The club, which finished fifth in the Portuguese Serie A last season, is in talks with Adidas, who own the Brazilian league, for a new deal for 2018-19.

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