How do you make a better phone?

In the past year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been one of the best phones we’ve had to date, with an impressive camera, powerful hardware, and an incredibly comfortable design.

We can only hope Samsung can do the same with the Galaxy S9, but this is a tough one.

Samsung needs to make a bigger phone, and if it can’t do it, we won’t be buying it.

What makes the Galaxy Note 9 so good?

The Note 9 is the only phone that uses a curved OLED screen.

It’s pretty amazing, and it’s a big improvement over the Galaxy Alpha, which was a big flop.

The Note’s curved display is made of glass, which has a good reflective surface to make it appear more curved.

But it also has a glass back that makes it look like a regular phone, which doesn’t really make sense in this case.

That’s the main reason why the Galaxy Plus S8 is so great.

Its curved display isn’t so great either, but the back doesn’t have the glass back, so it looks nicer.

The front is also nice, with a glass bottom and an extra back-lit fingerprint sensor.

All of this is great for selfies, and the camera on the Note 9 looks great.

The fingerprint sensor on the back also looks great, as it’s much less conspicuous than the Galaxy Mega.

Samsung doesn’t want you to use the Note’s fingerprint sensor because it doesn’t work well with the camera, but it does work a little better than the camera with a larger sensor.

The S8’s camera doesn’t perform as well as the Galaxy’s, but that’s because it uses a bigger sensor, which makes it more sensitive to light.

The Galaxy S7 Plus’ camera is still great, but its sensor size is smaller and it takes up less space.

The new Galaxy S6 has the same camera as the S7, and we’re expecting the same results.

It also has better optics and higher resolution, but if you’re going to use this phone, you should buy the Galaxy Camera Plus.

Samsung’s new phones are all incredibly thin, which means you don’t need to worry about losing them.

If you have a small pocket, you’ll probably want to save this phone for a purse, but for a large one, you can put the phone in a backpack and take it wherever you go.

The company has also redesigned the Note 10.3, which is supposed to make the phone more comfortable to hold, but unfortunately, we haven’t seen any improvements.

Samsung also announced the Galaxy Max 9, which should have better camera and the same fingerprint sensor as the Max 9.

Samsung did this to the Max 8, too, which didn’t make the cut.

What do you think about the Galaxy X?

Let us know in the comments below!

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