When you order online, it may be worth it to pay with cash or credit card, a new study says

Retail clerk retail installment contracts are gaining popularity.

But for the vast majority of consumers, they’re still not worth it. 

So what are they for? 

Retail clerks are used to buying things online.

They get the goods from a chain store, and they pay the store to get the merchandise to the customer.

The retail stores typically have to pay the clerk for the merchandise, usually $1 to $5 per item, according to a 2014 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

But with e-commerce, online retail stores often charge a commission that’s not included in the retail fee, which can make retail clerks’ payments seem more attractive. 

For example, a recent study found that a $1 deposit to pay a $15 bill online may not seem like a lot, but when combined with the commission, the total payment can be nearly twice as high as what a regular retail deposit would cost.

The same study found the average retail deposit was about $8.40, according the Consumer Finance Research Institute. 

A new study by the Center for Public Integrity found that the average $1 fee is just over half the amount charged by online retail.

That means if you have $1 in cash, you’d need to pay $8 for the same amount of items on the online store. 

In addition, the report found that consumers are paying for the cost of the service they get when they use a credit card online.

A typical customer pays $15 for the online card.

That’s a $30 discount from the actual price they pay for the card. 

If you buy an item online, the retailer’s website usually displays the retail value of the item, such as a free gift or coupon.

But it doesn’t show you the full retail price, which the store charges for the items you purchase.

For example, if you buy a $25 gift card online, your card issuer charges you $20 for the entire amount of the card, but you don’t know the full price. 

It’s also possible to pay using cash, credit card or PayPal, which don’t show the retail price but can charge a fee for your card and the transaction. 

One study found shoppers pay about $7.50 for a $100 purchase online.

That includes the retailer, the fee and the commission. 

PayPal and AmazonPay have similar fees for customers who use their services to make purchases online.

AmazonPay charges a commission, but it’s small and is only applicable to purchases made through Amazon’s Prime program. 

Other fees that retailers charge include shipping, handling, and taxes. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently issued guidance that retailers should avoid charging a fee to customers who buy goods online. 

“Consumers should be able to understand the retail commission is not included and understand that the commission is included on the retail charge, which is only a portion of the total cost,” said Richard Roth, a director of the bureau’s Office of Consumer Financial Oversight, in a statement. 

Retailing stores have a financial incentive to make sure customers are getting the best deal online, but consumers are also entitled to a good experience when they shop.

“The online store is a great opportunity for retailers to increase sales by selling more items and reducing the price they charge to customers,” Roth said.

“But customers should also be able get the most value out of their online purchases.

In some cases, consumers may be better off shopping online than they are paying retail sales taxes and other fees.”

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