Nike’s new shoe deals are awesome, but Nike’s big deals aren’t as exciting

Nike has signed deals for a total of 15 shoe retailers including Amazon, Foot Locker, Urban Outfitters, and Macy’s, all of which were previously exclusive to the Nike+ brand.

As of Friday, all the new Nike deals will be available for shoppers to try and save $20 on any pair of Nike shoes through October 29.

While most of these deals will have you shelling out some cash, you can still take advantage of a few freebies to save you some cash.

Here’s a look at some of the Nike deals that have already been announced so far, along with how to use them.1.

Nike+ Shoes: Free Nike sneakers for just $20, which includes everything from sneakers to socks.

Nike’s biggest deal to date: $60 off of every pair of Adidas sneakers on Nike+ and the Adidas Ultra Boost.2.

Nike Boots: $15 off any pair (including shoes) of Nike Boots, a deal that’s available through October 28.

Nike is also offering $20 off of all of their boots and running shoes through Oct. 28.3.

Nike Air Jordan 5: $20 to $30 off on any of the Jordans Nike+ or Nike+++ shoes (excluding the Air Jordan 4).4.

Nike Nike Boost: $30 to $50 off on Nike Air Jordans, Nike+ shoes, and any Nike+ pair (excluding Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 1, and Air Jordan 10).5.

Nike Presto: $50 to $100 off on the Nike Prestige Boost shoes.6.

Nike Zoom: $10 to $15 on any Nike Zoom shoes.7.

Nike Flyknit Shoes: $25 off on all of the Flyknit shoes from Nike+.8.

Nike Boost+: $70 off on every pair (not including the Nike Air Boost+).9.

Nike Swoosh: $40 off on SwoOSH shoes.10.

Nike Elite: $65 to $80 off on each pair (includes Nike+ boots and Nike+ running shoes).11.

Nike Sport Swoof: $35 off on Sport Swooshes.12.

Nike Zulu: $75 to $150 off on Zulu shoes.13.

Nike Nikes: $100 to $175 off on Nikes.14.

Nike Yeezy Boosts: $130 to $200 off on Boosts.15.

Nike Kobe 9: $120 to $190 off on Kobe 9 shoes.16.

Nike Classic: $200 to $300 off on Classic shoes.17.

Nike Shoe Carnival: $125 to $225 off on Shoe Crawl shoes.18.

Nike Black: $225 to $325 off on Black shoes.19.

Nike Dunk: $275 to $400 off on Dunk shoes.20.

Nike Ultra Boost 3: $350 to $450 off on Ultra Boost shoes, as well as Nike+ Ultra Boost sneakers.21.

Nike Plus Plus: $400 to $500 off on Plus shoes.22.

Nike Freebies: $150 to $250 off on free Nike shoes, free Nike sneakers, free shoe boxes, and Nike footwear.

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