3 of the Best Movies of 2016

The third year in a row, Best Picture nominees for the Academy Awards and the Critics’ Choice Awards have become an annual rite of passage for moviegoers.

For the past six years, though, the Oscars and the critics’ choices have been a matter of debate, with critics often questioning how well films in the top category fare in the box office.

Last year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded three Best Picture Oscar nominees to the two nominees for best foreign language film: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “La La Land.”

The year before, “La Land” was up for Best Picture and “Sing,” another film in the director’s first big foreign-language movie, was upended by the success of “The Imitation Game,” which was nominated for best picture.

For years, critics were quick to point out that the best movies tend to be in theaters, not on home video.

“A movie with a strong and memorable script is better than a film with a weak one,” said John Landgraf, the critic and writer who won a Best Screenplay Oscar for his 1999 novel “The Best Man Holiday.”

In the past few years, the studios have taken a closer look at their foreign language releases and have done so with a lot of help from film critics.

But even though some of the best films are not in theaters in the first place, some of them are.

In a new book, I Am Not a Stranger: The Hidden History of Cinema and Film, I asked critics, industry insiders and industry executives to take a look back at the best foreign-made films of 2016 and to weigh in on whether they’re worthy of Oscars consideration.

Below is a look at five films that are worth a look this year, as well as an overview of some of these films and their box office performance.

“The Martian” (2016) It was the year of the space rock and the Martian.

The first of two Martian movies made by the prolific sci-fi director Ridley Scott, this space drama has earned $130 million domestically and is the highest grossing of his career.

But its wide appeal was also reflected in its box office success.

“Ridley Scott’s Martian,” the film that made it to the big screen, has grossed more than $300 million in the U.S. and $310 million internationally.

In 2015, the Martian grossed $60 million in China, which was an enormous feat.

But the movie’s popularity in China didn’t help it reach the same level in the United States.

The movie’s success was also aided by its opening weekend in China.

This weekend, the film grossed a whopping $6.5 million in its opening day in the country, according to Box Office Mojo.

“La la Land” (2017) The most recent release from Academy Award-winning director Damien Chazelle, the third feature-length film from the French director, is a film that, according the critics, has done everything he has asked it to.

Chazële, whose work includes “Léon: The Professional,” “A Most Wanted Man,” “The Artist” and more, has earned a reputation for creating a cinematic world that’s captivating and entertaining, a place where nothing is too small.

The director and his cast have won awards for their work and made it into the top 10 in the Academy’s voting.

But La la Land was a bit of a surprise for critics.

The film is not a genre film.

It’s a family drama about the relationship between two estranged sisters and the two of them live their lives in an unconventional way.

It features some truly amazing visuals, including a shot of a mother and son in a park in the Netherlands, a scene that is almost unrecognizable from the one featured in the film.

In many ways, La la la Land is the perfect film to celebrate the first 100 years of cinema, as it is the first film in which two female directors — the late Chéaume (who also wrote the screenplay for “The Producers”) and Chazèle (who wrote the story) — worked together on a project.

It was also one of the first films to be nominated for Best Visual Effects and was awarded an Oscar nod for Best Original Score.

“Sing” (2015) This movie was nominated four times by the Academy, with its three nominations each for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Foreign-Language Director.

The two best-picture nominees for Best Director were both given to the Oscar-winning Chiwetel Ejiofor for “Moonlight” and Michael Mann for “Lincoln.”

Both of those films were nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature, as were “Logan Lucky” and other films in this year’s best picture race.

“Moonstone” (2014) The best foreign movie of 2014, “Moonstones” is the third installment in the Oscar’s “Moonlighters” series, which includes “The Great

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