Why we’re getting our food on sale again

Retailers are returning to the market this year, with some claiming a spike in demand for staples.

Food retailers are re-opening for business on Thursday, as consumers try to make the best out of the winter months.

Retailers say shoppers are buying frozen food, fresh produce and frozen vegetables and fruit, as well as meat and seafood.

Food and drink giant Coles is re-introducing freezers, and supermarket Coles Supermarkets is introducing freezers.

Retails say shoppers have been using the stores to stock up on fresh produce.

But there are also food banks, and food banks say there is a rise in people trying to use food banks as a way to make ends meet.

One of the biggest challenges is trying to get people to the food banks to get them into their homes, said Liz Johnson, executive director of the Salvation Army.

“We’ve got a lot of people who have gone to food banks but it’s been very challenging to get in touch with them because it’s such a busy time,” she said.

“So it’s a challenge to get the people into homes to get food into the homes and to get a good meal.”

There’s also a lot more people who can’t afford food, so they need foodbanks.

“Some people are taking their own food, while others have taken their food from supermarkets and other businesses.”

It’s really challenging for people to get out and buy food because of the shortages,” Ms Johnson said.

A lot of the people who are buying food from food banks are doing so because they can’t get any,” she added.”

And that’s why the food bank is really important for people in need.”

People don’t want to go out and eat, so food banks can help with that.

“Ms Johnson said many people have already been able to find a place to go for groceries and food.

But she said food banks were often the last place people would go if they needed help with groceries.

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