What you need to know about the big tech retailers who’ve joined the fight against #gamergate

The first major gaming retailer to announce it was pulling advertising from the #GamerGate hashtag has announced it will donate $1 million to charity, after the harassment campaign was exposed.

Retailers Target and Walmart have been the most prominent in backing the hashtag, but other big name brands have also stepped in.

Amazon has announced its support for #Gamergate.

Other prominent companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Walmart all have corporate social responsibility teams.

Target and Amazon have also recently announced they are donating $1m to charity to help veterans in the US and overseas, and Walmart has donated $2m to a charity for women and girls.

It’s been a long and challenging year for #gamergaters, who have had to endure harassment, threats, and abuse.

However, the industry seems to be starting to take notice, with Amazon, Target, and Apple also joining #GamerGaters’ campaign to support their employees.

Amazon and Target have also been working with #Gamergaters to get a #GamerAttack app to its users.

Amazon’s #Gamerattack app will be free for iOS and Android, allowing users to report harassers and abuse, and share photos and videos of the harassment.

Walmart’s app will offer a free version of its #Gamer Attack app, and the company is also working on a version for the #gamerghazi app.

Walmart also launched a video in support of #Gamerghazi, featuring the CEO of Target and other corporate leaders.

“I want to thank Target and all of our partners in the video above for their support of victims of harassment and online abuse,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement.

“Our #GamerAction app will provide customers with real-time, interactive support to help them understand their rights and protect themselves online.

We are also making a major investment in the #GuildDontKickMe campaign to help our partners at our retail stores and other locations improve their online practices and help protect women and minorities online.”

Retailer Walmart said it had already spent $1.5 million on #GamerGamers campaign to fight the harassment and abuse on social media, and it was the second-largest campaign behind Amazon.

Target has donated at least $3.4m, and Target is also donating $100,000 to the #GamersUnited campaign to combat online abuse.

Apple has also donated $100k, and Microsoft has donated a combined $100m to the campaign.

The company has also promised to donate $10m to #GamerGhazi in the future.

Amazon has also pledged $100 million towards #Gamergamers, and Xbox has also committed $100million to #GamerGhazi.

Apple, Target and Microsoft have also pledged a total of $50 million to #gamersunited, and have pledged $10 million each to the charities.

Amazon, Targetand Microsoft have pledged more than $1bn to support #Gamerghazi, and Amazon has also signed a partnership with #GladysGoGo, a campaign to give $50 to a young girl each month for life.

Microsoft has also said it will pay $1 billion to charity in support for women in the gaming industry.

Target is currently working on its own campaign to raise money for the cause, but Walmart said in an announcement on Friday it is also joining.

Walmart and Target both have other corporate social responsibilities teams, as well as #GamerDontStalkMe, which will provide an anonymous support channel for people who have been harassed online.

The hashtag was launched in August 2014 after a number of prominent gaming celebrities including Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian were harassed and threatened.

The campaign was originally started by #GamerSJW, a hashtag used to support female video game developers, but it has grown in popularity and popularity has attracted the support of gaming celebrities like Jennie Bharaj, the creator of Depression Quest.

The #Gamer Gamers are #Gamestorm, an effort by the gaming community to fight harassment and harassment.

They are not the only hashtag to emerge from #Gamer Ghazi.

There are also #GamerGirlGamers, #Gamessgamers and #GamerRageGamers.

In addition to #gamergamers raising money for #gamestorm and #gamerrage, they are also helping to provide education about harassment to developers and consumers.

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